Managing and Mitigating Bots

The Automated Threat Guide to Managing Bots, Scrapers and Other Non-Human Traffic

Managing and Mitigating Bots

What's in The Guide

Web traffic is made up of human and non-human visitors, but not all these sources are safe. Sophisticated bot traffic is on the rise and it is becoming increasingly difficult to differentiate the criminal from real customers.

Download your free copy of ‘The Managing and Mitigating Bots’ Guide and learn about:

  • Misconceptions about bot traffic, both good and bad
  • Malicious bots and the threat they pose to your website and customers
  • How to defend against the most sophisticated threats
  • How to create an automated bot management strategy

Managing and Mitigating Bots guide will help you identify which automated traffic is malicious and is perfect for professionals looking to implement a bot management strategy, tailored to the bot traffic on your website.

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Things That You Will Learn From the Guide

  • Analyse Bot Behaviour on Your Website

    Bots often try to mask themselves. Uncover and examine even the most sophisticated threats.

  • How to Protect Your Website From Attacks

    Reduce fraud, content theft, price scraping, account takeovers and credential stuffing.

  • Control Your Web Traffic

    Manage bots in real-time and continue to allow people, partner and affiliate bots.

  • Find Out How Bots Affect SEO

    Prevent skewed analytics and damage to your SEO, digital advertising and brand reputation.

  • How to Identify Unauthorised Bots

    Spot the difference between human and non-human visitors. Protect your website, intellectual property and customer accounts.

  • Understand The Business Impact of Bots

    Quantify lost revenue bandwidth consumption and the repercussion on performance.

Andy Still

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Andy is a pioneer of digital performance for online systems. As Chief Technology Officer, he leads the technical direction for Netacea’s products, as well as providing consultancy and thought leadership to clients. Andy has authored several books on computing and web performance, application development and non-human web traffic.

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